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Great choice for our health goals is keto diet and beginning to understand it has many benefits for exercise, weight loss and mental performance. In this list we have foods that are keto approved and are good for your new diet plan and way of eating. Here’s the KETO BEGINNER GROCERY LIST. MEATS ON KETO […]

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As foreign powers approve Ebola vaccines, U.S. drug makers lag in development pipeline

In the face of the West Africa Ebola crisis, U.S and Canadian government laboratories and a number of companies in Europe raced to test experimental vaccines. A year and a half after that outbreak was declared over, the world has two licensed Ebola vaccines: One was made by scientists in Russia, the other by scientists in […]

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82 years old UK MP

82 years old UK MP admits to making cannabis tea in House of Commons

You would be correct in thinking the US is leading the world regarding intelligent marijuana laws, over half of US states have now legalised the use of medical marijuanawith more likely to follow. But across the pond in the UK it’s a different story, a very different story indeed. In fact, cannabis is currently a schedule 1 […]

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brain study

A new brain study sheds light on why it can be so hard to change someone’s political beliefs

Why we react to inconvenient truths as if they were personal insults. Albert Einstein was one of the most important physicists of all time. His scientific predictions have withstood 100 years of scientific challenges. His thinking fundamentally changed the way we understand the universe. Yet people are more likely to be convinced Einstein wasn’t a […]

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World AIDS Day, we must recommit to make AIDS a disease of the past

As 2017 comes to a close, nearly 37 million people around the world are living with HIV/AIDS. Friday is World AIDS Day and we must recommit to eradicating AIDS, once and for all. Today we are reminded of the great strides and progress that the United States and the international community have made in the […]

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It took nearly six months but the General Medical Council (GMC) in the U.K. has pulled Dr. Andrew Wakefield’s license to practice medicine in the United Kingdom. Wakefield is the researcher who nearly single-handedly fueled parental concerns about the link between vaccines and autism. In 1998, he published a paper in the medical journal Lancet […]

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